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A/C service better than you ever imagined

We fix what others cant

We routinely have vehicles sent to us that other shops have trouble diagnosing.

We use only new parts NO remanufactured

Why no remanufactured parts?

Inferior quality. And almost the same price as our new parts so why settle.

A/C Professionals:

Here at Intermountain Radiator we pride ourselves in being the "cream of the crop"  A/C service pros. And will put our skill up against anyone.

We have been in the A/C service business for more than 31 years and we have had more A/C courses than most tech's, but courses alone aren't enough, and with literally thousands and thousands of repairs under our belts over the years there isn't much we haven't seen.



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hot rod

This was a show quality hot rod we did some A/C work for. (look at the blower wow!)

"Customer service is our number one priority"

At Intermountain Radiator we can get any thing you will need for your A/C, From condensers to compressors and evaporators it's all here at Intermountain Radiator. We use a variety of venders to purchase A/C parts from, and have been in the business long enough to find even the toughest parts for odd applications. It would take several pages to list what we stock and can get so we'll just give you the phone number and ask you to call us instead!

We are always happy to hear from you

Don't just throw parts at it  
A/C jobs can and will vary greatly in what you need to replace to do the job right so get it looked at by a A/C service professional before you get the job done, or you could pay much more than you should.

Some mechanics will just keep putting in new parts until they fix it! Don't let that happen to you. Its an expensive way to fix your car.



55 crown vic

55 ford crown vic A/C install

We do custom installs too  

Call for a quote today on any application! custom or not! we can get complete kits too for just about anything. From a 2008 toyota truck to a 46 chevy. Antique, classic or daily driver we can get them all at great prices. We can install and diagnose everything we sell. Take a look at our photos page there are many custom A/C installs we have done to see there.

Custom A/C lines and hoses made

What it takes

Most air conditioning systems are designed to operate under minimal variables, like your ice box at home, it never speeds up or slows down, it's not bumped up and down all day, and you don't turn it off and on again throughout the day like your car air conditioning.  Yes, most A/C systems just sit there and run, but not your car's A/C, it is under constant change.  That's why it requires service more often than your ice box at home does. 

Your car's A/C system is designed to run with only two things present in it:  Oil and freon of one kind or the other (R-12 or 134-A).  So when a part goes bad like your compressor and it blows up inside, it puts all kinds of metal fragments in your system that aren't supposed to be there.  You can imagine what happens if you don't flush out the system completely, the new compressor you just bought won't last a week! That's why it's important to get the right advice from service tech's that know what they're doing!  Now that's just one scenario and there are literally a hundred others out there.  We hear them all the time, that's why you need a good service shop to talk to, one that's willing to help!  Call us today for and appointment or just advice.



"Service to others is the greater good"

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