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antique radiator

The recore process of a early 40's chevy. .We installed a up-grade special three row radiator core (he had heating issues) and a new bottom tank with a transmission oil cooler in it .


antique radiator

These cores are hands down the best you can get, we use them in applications that have limited space, or call for more cooling capacity. These will move lots of BTU'S!!


antique radiator core

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With over thirty one years experience in the cooling system industry, Intermountain has seen just about every kind of cooling system- heat exchanger (that's technical jargon for radiator) you can imagine!  And we can fix them all.  We have the sources to find and fix the radiator for your older car.  Great pricing, honest service.

Watch out what you buy...Get advice first

It doesn't matter if you need a radiator for a 1929 Ford Model A project , or a 1957 custom T-bird with a hyped up, jacked up, blown fuel er that you just can't cool down.  We have worked on them all and have the experience to help you!

We know our business

We really enjoy working with classic cars and have done thousands of radiators for the older cars.  I have personally had the opportunity to work with  some of the best radiator men in the cooling system world.  I'm grateful for all the experience I have gained through the years from all the wonderful people I've worked with.

antique wagon                    antique 1930

Recore..Rod-out..Remove and Replace..Custom Fabrication

What ever your needs are you have come to the right shop!  Trust the crew at Intermountain to help you right the first time.  Did you know that most pre-1950 radiators ran with little or no pressure? That's right and you can do a lot of damage to your older radiator running the wrong pressure on the system.  We get a lot of customers that come in with radiators blown apart and they just can't figure out why.  Or some uneducated radiator man will solder on a pressurized filler neck on a radiator that won't take it and presto! instant radiator leak!  They can be upgraded in certain instances to run pressure depending on the application and what you want and need from your cooling system.

 There are several types of older radiator cores that you see in service today.  That includes "Diamond cells"  "Round tub"  "V-Cell"  "Flat Plate Fin".  Sometimes you can mix and match, but you better know what you're doing the wrong radiator matched with the wrong power plant can lead to blown motors, big bucks and lots of tears. Whether you want to stay original or need better cooling for an updated power plant (the early radiators didn't cool so well) we can help you get the most bang for your buck and make sure you're off and running again.

What do you need?

Did I tell you that we can build just about anything? Custom fabrication of just about any radiator you can think.  What we can't get through our many sources, we can build just for you.  We also do fuel tanks, heater cores and air conditioning systems in all  kinds of vehicles

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