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Fuel tanks are tricky business and although we see other shops that think they know what they’re doing, in reality, cleaning and lining a gas tank takes experience. Line a tank wrong and you will have a disaster on your hands! They do not clean or re-line well and can explode as well as any number of other complications. Better to do it right from the start or it could cost you lots more in the long run, including your tank.

Watch who and what you believe

On the internet, we see people offering to line a gas tank without first cleaning it out. I'm here to tell you it just doesn't work. I have never seen a liner strong enough to be able to do what they claim. Ever paint over rust? Well this is the same idea. Also, if you line a dirty tank, the part of the tank in between the liner and good metal left in the outer tank, can sweat and cause the parent metal to corrode and rot making the tank useless in just a matter of time.

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motorcycle gas tank Nice tank with a great paint job!

 This tank was brought to us in the hope we could repair it. It has some leaks but unfortunately it was lined improperly by someone in the hope of fixing leaks. It didn't work (and usually doesn't) you have to repair the leaks first before you line, so the paint job sadly is shot. The choices now on how to repair it are limited and expensive. The person who lined it just didn't know any better.

Why choose Intermountain?

We clean and line over 150 fuel tanks per year - that’s over 16,000 total tanks cleaned and lined in the life of our company so far and the number rises everyday . We know our business and know how to repair your tank. After market tanks are available and we offer a wide range of tanks at reasonable prices for those that can’t be repaired.

As always looks are free and we don’t charge for the preliminary diagnosis. We also offer a welding service and can reproduce your tank from scratch if no other option is available. We also work on boat tanks- large truck tanks- diesel tanks- motorcycle tanks- lawnmower tanks- anything that holds fuel.