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Chrysler heater core

This is an old Chrysler heater core. Notice it is 2 heaters in one. They don't make them like this any more.

Aluminum heater core

This is an aluminum heater core and it has been the norm for many years now.


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We repair and install hundreds of heater cores every year and get dozens of referrals from other automotive repair shops to remove and install heaters that they wont. We are experts at heater repair and are a leader locally.

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look at this late model ford truck heater job

ford truck heater job This is partially dissembled about 3 hours in to the job.

ford truck heater jobHere we are just about at the heater box maybe 4-5 hours into the job. This job takes at least 8 hours sometimes more. These jobs take a lot of time and patience to get through you don't dare pull or push something to hard or you will brake things. We routinely do these types of heater jobs and we really know our business. We have lots of referrals from other shops that just don't do this kind of work.

We have more photos on our Video-Photos page