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We sell and service every kind of radiator you can imagine..

and some you can't.

rolls royce radiator

Custom 1940's packard radiator.

We are expert's with antique and classic radiators. Radiators at honest prices.

rolls royce radiator

We spent 10 hrs recoring this one.

This Rolls has been in many shows and has won several times.

Intermountain Radiator not only sells radiators and parts off the shelf at great prices, we also custom build any type of radiator that  you can think of and have a lot of experience to boot! 

We have literally built thousands of custom radiators for all kinds of  applications from T-bucket hot rods that you just can't seem to get cool,  to customers with a Rolls Royce or Mazeretti who want the best show quality radiator they can buy. Let us help you.

We offer original fit cores or lots of custom up-grades for hot rods and exotic engines.


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antique picture













Why choose us?

We are here to help with 33 years experience we have seen most everything. We are experts in the cooling system field and proud of it.

cat radiator            cat radiator

This is a Cat radiator before and after....

Overheating? We fix them all

Intermountain Radiator has a complete radiator shop with a qualified staff.  Over one hundred years of combined service in the radiator service industry from rod-outs, recore's, motorcycle radiators and lawn mowers, off road vehicles, dune buggy's and race cars to large industrial and military radiators.

Don't be afraid to call us

We are radiator repair specialists and have been in the cooling system industry for a long time. We can help you fix your Toyota truck as well as your Rolls Royce or Peter built truck. We can help you get hard to find parts or point you in the right direction. We are cooling system specialists and proud of it.

At Intermountain we also R&R (remove and replace) just about anything related to your cooling system, from water pumps to heater cores,  thermostats and radiators too.  We also offer a free diagnosis for your cooling system, and can custom design your radiator and cooling system to meet any need.  We are always happy to talk and answer questions.

All aluminum radiators starting @ $199.00


mustang radiator65 mustang radiator 2" thick

We also service and sell all types of heat exchangers for all types of applications.

Earthmovers, marine, aircraft and hospitals city and state vehicles.  We are experts at diagnosis and can help you to choose the right combination of radiator, cooling fans, t-stats, etc to cool your application.


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